A humanist is a person who holds the perspective that humans are the starting point for all ethical, moral and intellectual inquiry.

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A few Humanists gathered at the INR7 conference in Toronto, June 2017.

Are You a Humanist?

Humanists are non-religious people who strive to lead a fulfilling, meaningful, ethical life. To be a humanist, there are no rites of passage nor any qualifying organizations or requirements to be satisfied.

You’re In Good Company

If you’re a Humanist, you can take great satisfaction and encouragement from the fact that you are in good company. From some of history’s greatest thinkers, artists and scientists to cherished friends, family and neighbours in your community, humanists are everywhere.

Here are the names of just a few of Canada’s most influential, respected and accomplished humanists, free-thinkers and secularists:

  • Éva Circé-Côté
  • Dr. Robert Buckman
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Dr. Christopher DiCarlo
  • June Callwood

Statistics Canada reports that 34.6% of Canadians have no religion. While all people who do not have a religion may not perceive themselves as humanists, there are also many people who participate in an organized religion who adhere to humanist ethics and ideals.

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