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Essay Contest

Deadline September 30, 2020!! The leading national voices for Humanism in Canada, Humanist Canada and Association Humaniste du Québec are hosting their second annual essay contest. The theme in 2020 is “Religion and Humanism in Education in a Canadian context.” Open to high school-age students in Canada….

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking About COVID-19: Part One by Dr. Christopher DiCarlo: There is perhaps no more important time in history to think critically than during a world crisis. But what is ‘Critical Thinking’? Why is it especially important during crisis? While many educators and leaders champion its importance, few seem to know what it is…..

Featured Image: Detail from the library of Conway Hall, home of the Conway Hall Ethical Society considered to be the oldest surviving freethought organization in the world and is the only remaining ethical society in the United Kingdom.

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