Humanism and Humanists in the the Arts

Film in 2020

Immortality or Bust: The website for Immortality or Bust boldly asks, “Do you want to live forever and become a cyborg?” …..

Selvmordsturisten: Exit Plan deals with subject matter of euthanasia – but it is founded upon “suspension of disbelief.” We must treat it appropriately…..

I, Pastafari: Progressives vs. Conservatives. Globalism versus Nationalism. The Religious Right versus The Liberal Elite. We find ourselves today in the midst of a war on multiple fronts….

Planet of the Humans: NEW YORK (Tuesday, April 21, 2020) – Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Michael Moore announced today that he is releasing a brand new documentary film….

Humanist Photography

W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Humanistic Photography Grants: Are you a humanist who chooses to document your humanism through photography? You may be interested to learn more…..

Dorothea Lange: In Ela Bittencourt’s April 30, 2020 Hyperallergenic essay she writes that “Lange’s instinct not to shrink from misery but to embrace it evidenced her profound sense of empathy.

Werner Bishcof: Auckland Festival of Photography is excited to present an exclusive outdoor waterfront exhibition of work by Werner Bischof, Switzerland….

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Featured Photo by humanist photographer Werner Bischof courtesy

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