World Humanist Day: June 21, 2020

According to Humanists International, World Humanist Day began with chapters of American Humanist Association (AHA) in the 1980s. June 21 – the date that one of the two annual solstice events occurs – was eventually established by the two organizations as the date for WHD because “the solstice event has echoes of ancient communal gatherings, as well as reflecting humanity’s deepening scientific understanding of our world, and being an event that, by its nature, is shared globally at the same moment in the calendar.

Humanists International recommends a variety of ways to celebrate World Humanist Day such as picnics and parties for informal gatherings or for those who wish to be more organized, hosting lectures, public proclamations and conferences.

As World Humanist Day 2020 approaches, we’re launching our first interactive polls. We want to know more about our visitors’ values and interests. We promise to retain individual confidentiality while making the overall data available to those who are interested.

For our poll regarding humanist values (below), you may choose up to five (5) options per vote. Not enough? You may submit as many votes as you wish.

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Featured Image Courtesy of South East London Humanist Group (UK).